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Powering Through the Unexpected: The Importance of Emergency and Standby Power Systems


Power cuts are not only frustrating but can also prove to be expensive. Consider a scenario where you are faced with a power cut that extends for significant hours, meaning all the frozen items in your refrigerator can get spoiled. Here, you could avoid such a situation if you had a power backup system. According to experts offering Standby Power System near Pensacola, FL, power backup is often necessary for homes as it is for commercial centers such as healthcare facilities, military bases, and other similar commercial centers. Some of the reasons for getting a standby system for your home or a commercial center are as follows –

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What are the benefits of standby power systems?

If you think of a household, a power backup system is crucial in providing the family with a comfortable life. Suppose there is a sudden power cut in the neighborhood. In that case, it will be difficult for your family to carry out their daily activities, especially if you have children and elderly individuals. Matters can get worse if the power cut occurs at night. Imagine navigating the house and finding the essential items in the darkness!

Your children will get frightened if the whole house suddenly becomes dark, and the older individuals in the home can meet with accidents trying to find the bathroom or navigate through the house in the dark. According to a report, average power outages in the USA increased from three to seven hours from 2013 to 2022.

The frequency has also increased from 1.2 to 1.42 events per customer per year. Thus, getting a standby system can be helpful for a family as it will provide power to your home in case of a power outage and prevent any untoward incident due to the lack of adequate light. When you hire experts for a Standby Power System near Brent, FL, for a better power supply in your home, they will tell you that investing in a standby system can prove to be beneficial for the following reasons as well –

  • Ensure that all appliances are working

When there is a power outage, you will find that the first problem that you will face is that all the devices in your home will stop working. The HVAC system in your house will stop functioning. If power is not restored, even the toilets will not function properly as there will not be an adequate hot water supply, and the water will not get pumped out of the sewer pipes. The entire functioning of the house will come to a standstill, and it can make your daily life quite difficult. For most homeowners, this is close to a nightmare. However, you can face a power outage even with the most reliable electric supply. You might argue that you have solar panels installed on the roof that will provide you with the necessary support. However, solar panels can only support electricity supply with regular energy usage. In such a scenario, it is best to have a standby system, which will ensure that all the appliances in your home are functioning correctly and you are not faced with any problems.

  • Preservation of data

A sudden power outage can cause significant data loss in commercial and domestic setups. Consider a scenario where you work on your computer and depend on a continuous power supply to preserve the data. If there is a sudden power outage, the data can get corrupted, or you can even lose the data, and you may not be able to recover it. If you have a standby system, then the power supply will remain uninterrupted. This will prevent any loss of data. Backup power systems are even more necessary in military bases and healthcare facilities. Here, you have separate servers to store sensitive data. Without power backup, the servers will stop functioning in case of a power outage. Such a situation can be dangerous for a military base or a healthcare facility. Thus, you need a suitable power backup system to protect sensitive data from corruption or loss due to lack of power.

  • Preservation of food and other perishable items

You will have perishable items such as food and drinks in your home. These must be stored in refrigerators and cold storage in your house. However, these need a continuous power supply to maintain the temperature. You cannot hold the temperature if there is a sudden power cut. In such a scenario, preventing the food and drinks from spoiling will take a lot of work. Any product whose integrity depends on whether it is in a temperature-controlled environment will get damaged if there is a power outage. To prevent this, you must ensure a continuous power supply, and you need backup standby power systems.

When you install a standby power system in your house, you must hire experts offering a Standby Power System near Ferry Pass, FL. The primary reason for this is that they will evaluate your power requirement and check the space in your house. Installing a backup standby power system requires a significant amount of space, and only experts can tell you which is the best place in your backyard to install the equipment. Similarly, you must understand the load-bearing capacity of the standby power system you want to install, which will depend upon your power consumption. Thus, you must consult with a firm with several years of experience before installing a power backup system in your home. 

Why invest in emergency power solutions?

An emergency power solution is an essential investment from a homeowner’s perspective. For example, installing a standby power system can be an excellent solution to increase your property’s valuation. Consider a scenario where you have purchased a property you have restored and want to sell it at a premium rate. Along with several facilities you offer with the house, showing the new owners their standby power system can be an added advantage.

The HVAC system will be connected to the standby power system to enjoy an uninterrupted power supply during a power cut. This can become an important selling point when you have an open house and invite prospective buyers to check out the property. If you plan to live in a house and want to ensure a continuous power supply, you will find that investing in an emergency power solution is the only way to provide it. Some of the other reasons to invest in an emergency power solution are as follows –

  • You will find that homeowners often consider emergency power solutions to be cost-saving because they help them continue their daily work without any disturbance. For instance, you follow a hybrid work model where you work from home and in the office. It becomes essential to stay logged in from your home computer. If there is a sudden power cut, your laptop will provide support only for some time, and when the battery drains out, you must charge it. With the help of an emergency power solution, you can continue to work without any hindrance, and it will not affect your work and earnings.
  • According to experts offering Standby Power System near Pensacola, FL, staying connected is essential in the modern world. Sometimes, homeowners can find themselves in situations where there are continuous power outages, and they cannot recharge their mobile devices adequately. In the long run, this can damage the devices and make it difficult for homeowners to stay connected with the world. Here, investing in an emergency power solution is essential as you can quickly recharge your devices and stay connected with the rest of the world.

Thus, in the long run, you will find that it is one of the best investments you can make, as it will help improve the value of your property and allow you to do your work comfortably. Both are essential from an investment perspective.

Why do homeowners prefer standby power systems?

If you check the different models of standby power systems available in the market, you will find that most homeowners prefer standby models. A primary reason for this is that these do not take up significant space in the backyard. When you hire experts to install the standby power system, they will check the available space. You will find that the maximum area such standby power systems require is only a clearing 18 inches away from anything flammable and 5 feet away from doors and windows. It will look like a small HVAC system in your backyard. Thus, installing a standby standby power system does not remove anything from the property. Instead, it adds to the overall value.

The next most important thing that appeals to homeowners about standby power systems is that they do not release fumes. When you think of diesel or petroleum standby power systems, the first thing that will cross your mind is the fumes released by the machine. This can cause significant air pollution. Compared to that, the standby power system is environment friendly as these run-on propane or natural gas.

Suppose you want to become even more eco-friendly. In that case, you can discuss with experts offering Standby Power Systems near Brent, FL, whether they can install standby power systems that run on solar energy. This will ensure that no fumes are generated while running the machine. Nevertheless, the device is one of the most eco-friendly electricity-generating equipment, making it one of the preferred equipment among homeowners.

You will find that homeowners tend to install standby power systems as these are easy to maintain. Refrain from refueling these regularly, as these standby power systems run on propane and natural gas. Moreover, as these are eco-friendly power systems, you will find that these standby power systems are robustly built requiring minimum maintenance. All these features make the standby power systems a favorite of homeowners.

Do hospitals require standby power systems?

The answer to this question is yes. Regarding commercial centers, healthcare facilities require a continuous supply of electricity. You need to ensure that there is no power cut as the medical equipment dependent on constant electrical supply will stop functioning, which can be dangerous for the hospital and the patients. You will also find that power cuts can be hazardous, mainly if an emergency occurs in the operation theater. A sudden power outage without the support of a standby power system can prove to be dangerous. Thus, hospitals require a standby power system to help them manage any power outage and ensure the health of all patients.

What is a standby power system?

A standby power system will provide you with an electric supply in case of a power outage. It will give power to your home if there is a power cut so that you can use the electrical appliances and ensure that your daily activities are not affected.

What are the differences between emergency and standby units?

The primary difference between an emergency and a standby unit is that the former needs manual operation. When there is a power outage, the machine will become operational in a standby unit. The standby is connected to the loads and begins to provide power when there is a power cut.

What are the different types of standby power systems?

According to the NFPA 70 – According to the NEC (National Electrical Code), four different kinds of emergency generators can be used. Critical Operations Power Systems (COPS), Emergency Systems, Legally Required Standby Power Systems, and Optional Standby Power Systems.

Your Local Electrician

If you want to install a standby power system or backup standby power system in your home, call us at Service Electric USA. We also offer the best Standby Power System near Ferry Pass, FL. When you give us a call, our experts will evaluate your requirements and provide you with the best solution regarding standby power systems. So do not worry about power outages, and give us a call to understand the best standby power system for your home.

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