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Make the Switch to Solar Power

Arrange for a solar power installation in Brent, Ferry Pass or Pensacola, FL

Interested in saving money and saving the planet at the same time? We'll get your new solar panels all set up on your residential site. Then, you can use the renewable power of the sun to run your appliances without having to pay expensive power bills every month.

Solar power is a good choice because:

  • It's sustainable and renewable
  • It prevents you from relying on power plants

Call now to discuss the solar power installations we offer in Ferry Pass, Brent and Pensacola, FL. We also offer FREE solar estimates!


Solar Services throughout the Florida Panhandle

Service Electric USA, a Sanders Brothers Electric Inc. Company, is now installing and servicing solar equipment.

Solar technology has come a long way, and has become one of the best, cost effective, ways to produce renewable energy. No need to worry about expensive peak hours, solar powered systems can cover 100% or more of your electric bill.

We are offering additional options such as:

  • Tree service
  • Attic insulation upgrade
  • Lighting conversion to LED
  • A/C inspection and duct sealing
  • Roof repair and replacement prior to a solar installation service

Each of these additional services can be combined into your overall cost of solar for a single payment. Let us help you get solar power electricity at its lowest cost available with the most power for your purse.

We will make sure that your solar is being installed or repaired the way it’s designed to and we will continue to provide the same great service for all your electrical needs that you have come to expect over the years.


Do your solar panels need to be replaced or repaired?

In addition to installing new panels, we also service and repair solar panels and solar power systems. You can count on us for solar panel services, including solar repairs and solar maintenance.

Contact us today to request solar power repair services in Pensacola, FL. We are happy to offer you FREE solar estimates!