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How Effective Is Your Electrical System?

Hire us for electrical thermal imaging services in Pensacola, Brent & Ferry Pass, FL

Electric infrared imaging is designed to pinpoint issues within your electrical or heating system. As electricity runs through your home, it produces heat. Thermal imaging can find where too much heat is being produced and help lower the risk of blown breakers.

Service Electric USA, LLC is certified in thermal imaging for electrical panels. Our experts can inspect your electrical or heating system and determine how efficiently your unit is running.

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What can thermal imaging detect?

Thermal imaging for electrical panels is one of the best ways to pinpoint defects within your electrical system. Electrical infrared imaging can detect:

  • Overloaded circuits
  • Defective equipment
  • Loose connections

Make sure your home or office building is powered safely. Contact us in Pensacola, Brent & Ferry Pass, FL to learn more about electrical thermal imaging.